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RIBreport OnlineHelping recruitment firms to thrive

Fresh data

Real-time reporting allows you to see last month’s industry changes, today. Don’t rely on the last year information.

It’s flexible

Think cirque de soile. You can compare your KPIs internally (e.g. vs your internal benchmarks) or externally (e.g. vs benchmarks of other firms).

Save hours

Easy as 1-2-3. Create bespoke reports in an instant. Choose what to include from our range of industry comparisons.

Easy to present

Plug your device into and share the RIB dashboard view. RIBreport Online brings your numbers alive and keeps the audience engaged.

Comprehensive analysis - easy

The RIB team are focusing on the industry at large, tracking and reporting monthly trends in our RIBespresso blog.


On your request, we can provide you with an in-depth consultation and a review of your business.



It’s fast

As in Formula 1 but with a lot less noise, RIB Dashboard lets you create bespoke reports in an instant. Delivering exclusive industry insights, you choose what to include from the RIB 50 Metrics that Matter, use the selection of filters to drill further into the data then drive your message home with the inclusion of industry comparisons. If you want real facts, real fast, RIBreport online is for you.

It’s flexible

In the circus that is recruitment, RIBreport online is a world-class crowd pleaser in delivering flexibility. Single Location or Multi Location, urban or rural, from the Private Sector or from a Publicly Listed firm, the RIB Dashboard is tailored to suit you and your team. Multi Location Firms (including industry and sector networks) can view branch/division/brand results in isolation or side by side. Simple or extensive Executive Management Reports and Team Management Dashboards can be designed and deployed within minutes shaving hours off preparation time and delivering real time data in a consistent format. Optimized for use on any device, your RIBreport data dashboard is available anywhere, anytime, to as many team members as you want.  Featuring Permission for Unlimited Users and client Password control.

It’s fact

It’s also independent, objective and unbiased.

RIBreport is the longest running, continuous benchmark and trend tracking survey supporting the recruitment industry throughout Australia and New Zealand. CEO’s, CFO’s and industry specialists have long relied upon RIBreport for insightful industry intelligence with many using the information to their strategic advantage in building team knowledge and commitment to continuous improvement.

At RIB, we know the metrics that matter. So can you.

It’s inspirational

The dashboard’s interactive interface is dynamic and oh so easy to use.  Plug it into a large screen and put on a live show for your team. Use peer and industry trend tracking to challenge perceptions and inspire improvement. RIB Dashboard brings your numbers to life and keeps the audience engaged. Built for the sole purpose of sharing knowledge, RIB helps to debunk industry myths and puts focus on the facts.


Built on a powerful platform with an endless capacity to store and process data, RIBreport online is a game changer for in-house report generation and industry benchmarking. As the volume of data grows so will RIB’s capacity to activate more filters including any number of existing sectors and niche segments.

It’s for you

Want help to improve efficiencies, attract quality team members, grow and develop leaders or looking to buy, sell or merge, then RIBreport is for you.  In the words of our clients, “RIBreport provides insightful analysis, with external objectivity, helps with quicker decision making and re-ignites team passion. Joining RIBreport is easy as 1-2-3.

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Multi Location Firms

Price per location.

  • UNLIMITED users
  • COMPLIMENTARY group overview dashboard
  • CONTROLLED data sharing
  • CUSTOM VIEWS set by you
  • SPECIAL PRICING for 6 or more locations
  • MULTIPLE data filters
  • 24/7 access
  • 5 USER limit
  • FREE support
  • TOUCH DEVICE optimized
  • SECURE private dashboard
  • 50 METRICS measured


ITCRA Member Special

For ITCRA members only

  • ICT SECTOR data filter
  • 24/7 access
  • 5 USER limit
  • FREE support
  • TOUCH DEVICE optimized
  • SECURE private dashboard
  • 50 METRICS measured

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